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Tenant referencing & rental agreed

Once you and potential tenant have agreed terms, this moves us to the formal checks. 

You can use our oynline "tenant referencing" system, and ensure that your potential tenants are able to afford the cost of renting the property:

  1. iManage tool will allow you to add details of the potential tenants.
  2. The fee charged is nominal charge. 
  3. Once the financial checks are made, details are then uploaded back into the iManage system. 

Following the tenant referencing and you are happy to issue a tenancy agreement through our system, you will be able to create an online tracking system, through our iManage tool and this is what happens:

  1. You will be able to create a let process on our iManage system, and this would allow you to invite the tenant and anyone else, you would like to provide an update on the progress of the letting. 
  2. The iManage system will allow you to use our online system to create an e-contract between you and the tenant. 
  3. The process of the sale will be updated through our iManage tool, ensuring that everyone is kept informed of the entire process.
  4. Everyone is kept updated through our iManage tool, saving everyone's time.


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