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Once the property is available for rent, potential tenants will contact the agent or you, about the property and ask for a set of details, or more commonly, a viewing. A lot of the time is being spent between you, the potential buyer and also your agent. Sometimes, the potential tenant decides to abandon the viewing because of the time it takes for you or your agent to confirm.

Our iManage tool will simplfy the process.

Our iManage tool will allow you to manage your viewings and here is the benefit of using our system:

  1. For each of the property you market with us, our system will allow you to create a viewing schedule. You can create a schedule for as long as you wish and you will be able to go back into it and make any changes.
  2. This will allow the potential tenant to login into the system and pick the time's that are available. You can also limit the number of viewing's per time schedule, to ensure you maximise your viewing times.
  3. Once they have agreed to the time and date, both you and your potential tenants will be sent a confirmation. These information will be available on both of your "dashboard".
  4. If the potential tenant decides to re-arrange a time and date, they simply go back into our system and re-arrange the time & date.
  5. Simple.

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