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Find out how we can develop highly-targeted campaigns to reach your target audience.

Find out how we can develop highly-targeted campaigns to reach your target audience across our portfolio of leading UK property brands, including Zoopla.


Display advertising

Each of our brands has a distinct market position and attracts a unique audience, which means we can deliver your message to your target audience via contextual or data targeted advertising both on desktop and mobile devices.


Contextual targeting

Contextually you can advertise around price range, size of property, area down to postcode level and whether a user is looking to buy or rent.


Segmented by Acorn groups

Our property portals are also segmented by Acorn groups. Acorn is a consumer classification which segments the UK by population. This classification system has been applied to the properties on the ZPG sites allowing you to target by demographic data and social behaviours.


Target people by their actions

Data is our biggest USP and we can now target users by their actions and data given to us onsite and off. We have designed data pools for 4 main categories: First Time Buyers, Movers, Remortgages and Home Insurers. We can also look at building pools outside of these.

Audience extension via our DSP is now available. This allows us to target specific audience’s offsite in order to increase reach.

Display ads and formats
With 750 million ad impressions available across our portfolio of websites the scale is vast. We offer all standard IAB ad sizes.


Targeted emails

321 ICS offer email targeting directly to your audience’s inbox. Targeting opportunities include, Buy/Rent, House Price Min/Max, Location , HH income and more.


Predicted click through rates

On standard ad sizes which are contextually targeted on desktop and tablet we would predict 0.15% CTR. Data pool targeting generates higher CTRs as with an average of 0.09% CTR. Mobile outperforms desktop and tablet on CTR with an average of 1.5%.

Email open rate average is 20% and 4% click through.


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