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Bangladesh property and asset managers

With the constant integration of international operations, our boutique is client focused and offers Asset and Property Management in Bangladesh, covering Sylhet, Dhaka and other cities.

You can call us on 0207 237 3388 to discuss options that are available. 

We have two offices, one in London, United Kingdom and Sylhet, Bangladesh. The team is able to support you throughout the life cycle of your asset ownership. 

Our desk offers a designated service in order to ensure your investments are secure, aligning a structure to maintain continued growth.

  1. Managing Assets.

  2. Property Management Rental Services.

  3. With continued property value price rises, we can sell and buy assets on your behalf.

  4. Our costs would be based on a percentage.


  1. Between 5 – 15% per month.

  2. We do have a minimum fee of 5,000 BDT per month.


  1. Between 2.5 – 6% on sale value.

  2. Upfront you would be required to make a part payment of £350.

We would outline an agreement to ensure all details are clear and transparent.

321 ICS Property Managers are more than happy to discuss with you in detail allowing a more engaged service, where you can administer your services, if required. 

Send us your query on and let us start working.

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