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Accepting the offer & contract

The process of accepting an offer is the same with everyone. You simply instruct the agent to accept the offer and then both the seller and the buyer will provide solicitor details to the estate agent. 

Our system is automated and as soon as we get solicitor details in from both parties, sales letters are instantly emailed to all the relevant parties, meaning the solicitors can start working on the file immediately and meaning we don't spend a penny on postage. All of this continues to go towards keeping our fees as low as they can be.

We have an online tracking system through our iManage tool and this is what happens:

  1. You will be able to create a sale process on our iManage system, and this would allow you to invite the buyer, both your solicitors and anyone else, you would like to provide an update on the progress of the sale.
  2. The iManage system will allow you to use our online system to create an e-contract between you and the buyer. 
  3. The process of the sale will be updated through our iManage tool, ensuring that everyone is kept informed of the entire process. 
  4. Both your solicitors will be able to update notes on the system. Your solicitor will organise all the supporting paperwork, including things like title deeds, guarantees, planning consent/building regulations, etc.
  5. Everyone is kept updated through our iManage tool, saving everyone's time. 

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