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The job of all estate agents is to sell your home. And you're not going to sell it without an offer. All offers must be reported to the seller of a property, by law. Even if the property is sold, subject to contract and someone makes an offer, the estate agents' must put it forward - it is a legal obligation. We obviously guarantee to put all offers forward to you.

Estate agents are also employed to try and achieve the best price possible for you. And we are no different. We'll do everything we can to achieve the best possible price for you.

In fact, it is often a point of discussion that, with our low fees, people ask if we're motivated to get the best price possible?

Well, we actually think we are more likely to try and achieve a better price for you. But we certainly won't be pestering you into accept an offer that is lower than you want.

A high street agency, and in turn their staff, are paid commission on selling houses. So, if there's an offer on the table, what advice are they going to offer? Nobody at 321ICS are paid commission for selling houses. There is no need - houses sell themselves. And if you don't want to accept an offer that is lower than you really want, then we will never pressure or advise based on us earning a ridiculous fee, whereas, sad as it is to say, some high street agents, that offer a 'no sale, no fee' service, will.

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